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eXtremeDNC clients provide interactive control for an unlimited number of eXtremeDNC servers from anywhere on your network 


LIVE & INTERACTIVE control of eXtremeDNC Server

Group and Send NC/Files from any PC on your network

Configure controls and trouble shoot events on Shop-Floor

Configure and Organize Filing Structures for Jobs (EES)


LIVE communications logs for every USER

Define USER rights in addition to NT rights

USER Log-on &Log-off to eXtremeDNC server without interruptions


Control an UNLIMITED number of eXtremeDNC servers

LIVE "NC/File Compare" from any PC on your network

LIVE "NC/File Edit" from any PC on your network



Heads up view of the Entire Local, Mapped or Net-Work Drive

Copy, Move, Delete NC/Files directly from within eXtremeDNC

Drag & Drop features make usage an ease

Unlimited search paths per control, provide absolute control of every CNC



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