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1023 Communications Ports

Select Comtrol device drivers provide 1023 simultaneous serial ports.  eXtremeDNC is able to optimize these ports from a single communications server.


Unlimited number of CNC Controls

eXtremeDNC Clients are capable of logging onto and commanding an unlimited number of eXtremeDNC Servers.  This configuration allows for an unlimited number of CNC controls.   



Native Windows NT


Single executable file is loaded however multiple events are taking place.



OAS™ Open-Architecture System


"C" Language




A direct feed from the serial line.  This is similar to a tape read where the NC/file is not loaded from memory. 


Bi-Directional Communication

eXtremeDNC optimizes each communicating serial line, enabling the software to send and receive data at the same time on a single line.  


EES™ Easy Explorer System

Heads up view of the Entire Local, Mapped or Net-Work Drive

Copy, Move, Delete NC/Files directly from within eXtremeDNC

Drag & Drop features make usage an ease


SSA™ Server Smart Architecture

eXtremeDNC maintains NC/file transmission, even during server failures or loss of file server network connections.  The NC/file is first copied to a local scratch directory, it is transmitted from this location, it is then deleted. 


CNC Status & Notification

eXtremeDNC can send out an automatic email when an NC/file is received from a CNC.  This package is included in the eXtremeDNC server. 

Additional or more intricate messaging and notifications like cycle time, cycle runs, part times, etc... require the use of . 




 Auto-Tag™  NC/Files to facilitate standardization

Integrate and control system from 3rd party software applications:

Schedule processes

Configure Data Base

Provide On-Demand and Interactive Commands






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