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Ascendant Technologies and Enterasys Networks

Introduce the First WireFreeDNCä Communications Solution

For the Manufacturing Industry 

ANAHEIM HILLS, CA & ROCHESTER, NH — March 1st , 2002 – Ascendant Technologies Inc. and Enterasys Networks Inc., a leader in enterprise networking solutions, today announced WireFreeDNC™, the manufacturing industry’s first integrated single-port wireless solution for shop floor communications.  Integrating Enterasys’ RoamAbout™ wireless LAN technology with Ascendant’s eXtremeDNC™ communication software (Distributed/Direct Numerical Control) to connect Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) equipment to the engineering production network, WireFreeDNC™ delivers mobile connectivity resulting in increased productivity and network availability.  The solution is available immediately from Ascendant Technologies, Inc. and its respective dealers. 

“The manufacturing environment places unique demands on the communications infrastructure,” said Ray Wright, vice president of Industry Solutions, Enterasys Networks.  “WireFreeDNC™ is the first solution of its kind to enhance mobile shop floor communications and deliver increased efficiencies.  We are delighted to work with Ascendant to develop technologies that answer the business needs of our clients.”

WirefreeDNC adds reliability to the classic RS-232 serial connection between computers and CNC machine tools by removing the long runs of RS-232 cable and replacing them with digital wireless TCP/IP connections,” said Roy Mandir, President of Ascendant Technologies. 

WireFreeDNCä works by attaching the Enterasys RoamAbout Ethernet Adapter to a machine tool’s serial (RS232) communications port and placing the RoamAbout Access Point anywhere on the user’s wired network.  Customizing and combining the features of the wireless Ethernet adapter into the software application produces a wire-free connection controlled from within the eXtremeDNC server application.  The application communicates with CNC machines on the production floor to deliver necessary control information to the tool when producing product.  WireFreeDNC provides a direct connection to every CNC machine in the facility and eliminates the use of wired or wireless multi-port-serial hubs and respective RS232 cables for establishing machine tool communications, while simultaneously delivering the highest levels of network security and reliability available. 

In addition, the mobile WireFreeDNC solution better accommodates today’s dynamic manufacturing environment where operators continually make changes to CNC machine tools to facilitate just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.  These changes require costly and labor-intensive rewiring and reprogramming.   Enabling mobile employees with convenient access to business-critical information, such as scheduling, repairs and technical data, WireFreeDNC enhances user efficiency and productivity.  Furthermore, the technology reduces time and eliminates expenses associated with the movement and the placement of RS232 cabling for CNC machine tools. 


The system conforms to IEEE 802.11b high rate specifications and can communicate up to 250 serial-enabled machines per Access Point, which may be placed anywhere within a manufacturing facility.  Adding high-gain antennas on the RoamAbout Access Points enables building-to-building communication and allows connections of up to 10 miles (line of site) from the Access Point. 

For more information on RoamAbout wireless technology, please visit http://www.enterasys.com/roamabout/. 

For more information on eXtremeDNC communication software, please visit http://www.ascendtec.com/extremednc.html. 

About “Ascendant Technologies, Inc.”

Ascendant Technologies is a developer of leading edge software applications for the manufacturing industry.  Ascendant’s Open Architecture Designs promote integration of industry standard software.  This approach promotes streamline applications and adherence to Standard Operating Procedures.  Ascendant is committed to unsurpassed customer service and unparalleled technical support. 

For more information about Ascendant Technologies, please visit their web site at: http://www.ascendtec.com or contact:                                                                                                Alexander Khayat, National Marketing Director at (800) 808-3791.

About Enterasys Networks

Enterasys Networks (NYSE: ETS) is a leading worldwide provider of communications infrastructures for enterprise-class customers.  Enterasys’ networking hardware and software offerings deliver the innovative security, availability and mobility solutions required by Global 2000 organizations coupled with the industry’s strongest service and support.  For more information, visit www.enterasys.com.



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