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XYZPRO32 EditPlus

     A comprehensive 32 Bit Editor and Back-Plotter package developed under the most rigorous testing processes.  An extremely versatile but easy to use package, designed to simplify you work as well as improve your productivity. 

Drag and Drop your files to and from XYZPRO32 Edit Plus
Manage large CNC files up to 64 Megabytes without adding RAM
Edit multiple CNC files at the same time
Virtually unlimited Undo levels
File Management Database to help you keep track of your CNC files


Many Shop Math utilities built in
Calculate Triangles
Drill Point Depths
Polygons Conversions
Custom and User Definable Charts


Create Style Sheets to configure your editing sessions to all of your machines
Mass Editing of your files or portions of files
Sequencing, Resequencing, and Unsequencing of files
Perform math to code, such as changing all your feed rates by 10%


Mirror imaging of any axis in your code
Adjust code spacing, to improve readability
Create Line, Arc, and Bolt Circle patterns automatically


Search and Replace
Set Bookmarks in your code for fast and easy navigation while editing
Background processing enables work in other applications, while performing large tasks
Fast, Fast, Fast file saving, loading, and navigating
Read in a 40MB file in less than 1 minutes on a Pentium-III
On-line Help, and Help tips



XYZPRO32 Back-Plotter

Simply, the industry's fastest and most flexible wire-frame Back-Plotter available.

Verification of your CNC code, before you put it on your lathe or milling machine
Single Stepping forward and backward through your code
Spot errors on screen instead of on metal


Super fast plotting of your code
Plot over 90,000 lines of code per minute on a Pentium-III


Setup style sheets to work with a variety of machine tool control styles
Position and informational display while you plot
Plot subroutines fast and easy
Plot many auto-cycle routines of manufacturers controls
Plot in background, while you work on other projects


Setup tools, offsets, cutter compensation
Accurate visual representation of your parts
Plot the whole file, or just portions of it



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