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KeyTerm® KB4020

      KeyTerm® devices are designed as a low cost solution to allow "Remote Request" features of DNC systems to be used on controls that do not have full alpha/numeric keyboards.  They can also be useful on controls that accept RS232 input, but do not have the ability to send.

     This total package solution uses a standard IBM Industrial Grade keyboard, a large high contrast LCD display and an RS-232 wedge.   All KeyTerm devices plug in-line and will not interfere with existing RS232 communications.  They can be used with most DNC applications. 


As a wedge device the KeyTerm will not interfere with existing RS232 communications.

Uses a standard IBM® PC Industrial Grade keyboard.

Function Keys are pre-programmed with the most used commands


Has a large 40 x 2 character LCD display

The KeyTerm can be used with controls that use a BTR to communicate.

The LCD module can be detached and mounted separate from the keyboard. 

Optional PowerScanor card reader input devices are also available.



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